Data Preservation


On Tuesday, while talking with my team at work, the discussion arose about how insignificant it is to allocate resources to territorial wars on Earth when we could use them for space exploration where resources are infinite. When I got home, I began to reflect on this and realized that it is very possible that the elites who create these situations to gain power in the most immediate way possible will never come to this conclusion.

The Future of Our Legacy

In this situation, a question began to haunt me: what will happen to our science, our art, in short, what will happen to our legacy in the universe in case of a planetary catastrophe?

Storage Options

Magnetic Technologies

Magnetic storage technologies are ideal for time periods of around 10-20 years. However, natural demagnetization and material degradation will eventually lead to the total loss of information.

Digital Technologies

Digital technologies, such as flash memory, would not serve us well, as they require a constant power source.

Optical Technologies

Optical technologies, such as synthetic quartz disks and silicon crystal engraving, are the optimal supports for storing information indefinitely without the need to supply energy. I recommend this video (opens in a new tab) by Professor Kazansky from the University of Southampton, where he explains variants of these technologies.

Safe Storage: Where?

Earth and Other Planets

We can dismiss the idea that our legacy on Earth is safe, as demonstrated by the loss of knowledge in the Library of Alexandria and the threat of asteroid impacts.

In Orbit

The Solar System presents unpredictable orbits in the long term. Planetary interactions could endanger any information stored in orbit.

Interstellar Space

Interstellar space is our salvation. Just as was done with the Voyagers, our legacy could navigate space and endure our existence for millions of years.

As we consider the future of our civilization, it is crucial to think beyond the immediate challenges and look towards the long-term preservation of our achievements. The exploration of space and the development of robust data storage technologies are not just scientific pursuits; they are essential steps in ensuring that our legacy endures. By investing in these areas, we can safeguard our history, culture, and knowledge against any potential planetary catastrophes. It's a responsibility that transcends generations, and one that we must take seriously if we are to secure the continuity of human civilization.

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